About Emmerald Polymers

Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd and our team bring you 30 plus years of experience in designing, developing and bringing to the market quality polymer products. Our objective is to provide the brewing industry with a much needed alternative to the traditional stainless steel beer casks. The company is working with leading manufacturers in the plastics industry, who have nearly half a century's experience in the plastic drum manufacturing. All of our products are extrusion blow moulded from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HMW-HDPe) in one operation, using the very latest in today's technology. Rigorous tests have been carried out with all our products and our casks are found to be as robust as steel with the added benefits of being easier, cheaper and quicker to repair.

Plastic Casks

The end result is a rigid plastic container, which is light in weight yet exceptionally tough, providing reliability and high performance even under the most rigorous operating conditions. Our casks, being manufactured in one piece are guaranteed leakproof and at the end of its life the raw material can either be mechanically recycled or incinerated cleanly for its high energy value. Being made from plastic means virtually zero scrap value, another plus point when considering the epidemic proportions of theft within the industry.

Independent testing has been carried out by one of the UK largest brewers together with regional and micro brewers. The plastic casks have been put through thorough drop tests, migration tests, taste tests and accelerated cleaning and all tests have been a success. The polymer supplier, Total Petrochemicals, has been selling the HDPE used in our product into many arduous applications over many years. This experience, coupled with their extensive research and development helps to convince us that our casks will exceed the industry life expectancy of 7 years.

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