Nene Valley Brewery

We’ve been using the Emmerald casks for over 5 years. Over that time we have seen the product get better and better. The service we get has kept pace with our growth, which has been over 500% in that time. The casks are cheaper, handle and stack well, keep their shape and very easy to clean. Our customers like them too so we’ve never seen a reason to stop using them.

Dick Simpson at Nene Valley Brewery

Lancaster Brewery

Everyone is very impressed with the casks. To see the production was an eye opener. Great to experience our barrels being produced and to understand the efforts that go into the science behind them. They are revolutionary and will change this industry, and we are very proud to be the first order, and hence the pioneers. Little disturbed to see one of our barrels though being used in the 2 meter drop test on YouTube. I suppose it won't matter as it has been hidden in with the other barrels to disguise which one was beaten up! They look great, feel great and are great. We are very very happy with our move to Green Casks. Well done Greg for realising those years of hard work to finally see the dream come true.

Matt Jackson at Lancaster Brewery

Last Orders Wholesale

Having spent many years in the wholesale trade its always refreshing to see a new idea that actually works. Not only are the EP casks lighter so easier to handle they are much easier to identify. They are fantastic when we are considering our security, the fact they are made for plastic means we don’t have worry about them being stolen, thus reducing our security risk. Weighing in at 50% lighter than steel means we can carry more on deliveries, and they are much easier on our delivery staff. The new screw shive seems to have combated any issues with leaking casks, unlike the 3 part ones still being used by some brewers. All in all a big well done to the guys at Emmerald. I am looking forward to seeing your casks in bigger numbers as you grow.

Steve Rogers at Last Orders

Darktribe Brewery

The new plastic 9 gallon casks seemed too good to be true when I first came across them. They appeared to have everything that was on my own list for producing them myself! Having now used one, here are my thoughts. The one piece moulding seems very good. It cleans very easily. It is easy to handle. The screw in shive works well, a few spare sealing rings for tight-pocketed blokes like me who want to re-use them in our own pub might be a good idea. I have not measured the capacity, but an expected capacity certificate (or something like that) would be useful in keeping customs and trading standards inspectors happy. I have now painted the end of the cask. I used a special high adhesion primer and matching industrial paint, and it appears to be very succesful. Good finish and seems to have taken well (seems better than normal gloss on a stainless). Only time will tell. Once I have finished my other ongoing projects, I will definitely be in touch again to order some. I wish these casks had been available just before I bought some reconditioned stainless casks!

Dixie Dean at Darktribe Brewery

Reedley Hallows Brewery

Just a quick thank you and to let you know we at Reedley Hallows Brewery are pleased at the first class service from Emmerald and find the casks to be excellent value for money and perfect for our needs. We have had nothing but good feedback on the quality from everyone who has come into contact with them and would have no problem recommending your casks to others in the industry. We will be using them again in the near future.

Pete Gouldsbrough at Reedley Hallows Brewery