Cask Finance

At Emmerald Polymers (UK) Limited we understand that the initial purchase of your casks, whether it be as a new brewery or needing to purchase more casks to keep up with increasing demand, purchasing outright might not always be the most feasible use of your business working capital. Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd finance packages on cask purchases over 96 casks, can be a vital tool for all breweries looking to grow and finance equipment, especially when the current UK recovery is so fragile. It allows you to agree a fixed term contract with which you can lease brand new equipment without a big outlay in capital. For some of our fast growing brewery clients and new breweries, leasing is a useful tool to get a decision fast and acquire their desired equipment, whilst spreading the cost and protecting vital cash flow. We are able to support your business through our finance partner, Johnson Reed Limited, with over 15 years experience.

Why Lease?

01Maintain Cash Flow
Break down the cost of your purchase over more manageable repayments.

02Tax Efficient
Repayments are tax-deductible, allowing you to make savings throughout the term.

03Afford Best Quality
No need to adhere to a restricted budget or prohibit vital cash reserves.

04Independent Finance
The lease will not affect any existing lines of credit or independent finance agreements.

05Plan Ahead
Budget accurately around your transparent finance agreement and plan ahead.

06Ownership Options
Different ownership options are available at the end of your finance term.

07Pay As You Use
Make the repayments as you’re using the equipment, whilst offsetting tax and energy savings, for a more immediate return on investment.

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