Frequently Asked Questions

How are the casks made?

Our casks are extrusion blow moulded from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene in one operation, using the very latest in today's technology. ISO 9001 certified precision construction ensures many years of reliable service. Manufactured in one piece, our casks are guaranteed leakproof, and at the end of their life the raw material can either be mechanically recycled or incinerated cleanly for its high energy value. Their recycling footprint is very small.

Are the casks as strong as steel?

In this day and age, when the modern motor car is more than half plastic, it is still possible to overlook the strength, toughness and longevity that plastic can offer over steel. Rigorous tests have been carried out and our casks are found to be as robust as steel, but lighter and with the added benefits of being easier, cheaper and quicker to repair. The impact resistance is such that our casks can be dropped from two metres or more without breaking and, more importantly, without permanent denting, so no gradual loss in volume.

Will my drink taste as good?

Independent testing of our casks has been carried out by one of the UK largest brewers together with regional and micro brewers. We have carried out numerous taste tests and transfer tests; you can be assured that the taste of your drink will not be affected at all. Our casks are manufactured to fully food approved standards.

Why are you called Emmerald?

Emmer (Triticum dicoccum) belongs to the spelt family, a group of hard-kernel heirloom wheats. It is a cross between Einkorn (Triticum monococcum), the oldest known wheat variety, and wild grasses. Emmer thus ranks among world’s oldest cultivated plants. It was first used for beer making by the Mesopotamians in what is now southern Iraq at least 10 thousand years ago.

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of our casks is the same as their steel counterparts. Our casks are 100% recyclable and subject to proper usage, should exceed the industry current life expectancy of seven years. Our casks are designed to be robust and meet the exacting requirements of the brewing industry.

What are they made of?

The two polymers used in the manufacture of our casks are high molecular weight, high density polyethylene and a very advanced technical polyurethane rubber used in the rolling rings, certainly not cheap in any sense. These two polymers offer toughness and strength, along with many other advantages over steel. They do not dent, meaning your casks will always have the same volume. Coupled with fantastic abrasion resistance and environmental advantages, our casks really are the future. Being plastic also means there is no scrap value, therefore reducing thefts to zero.

Who designed your casks?

All products are designed by Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd working alongside Coors to ensure all requirements and industry standards have been met. Over ten years ago now, the team at Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd recognised the difficulties facing the brewing industry with traditional stainless steel casks, and agreed that there had to be a better way. After extensive research and development, our revolutionary casks were born.