Emmerald EP Casks

A new development for the real ale industry, Emmerald Polymers brings you a range of lightweight casks using a registered design that fulfils all industry requirements. Each cask is individually numbered giving absolute traceability. Our manufacturing process is unique to the brewing industry. The robust construction of the cask is such that subject to proper usage, they should exceed the industry life expectancy of seven years.

Benefits of EP Casks

01Precision Construction
Our casks provide reliability and high performance even under the most rigorous operating conditions. Our ISO 9002 quality management systems ensure that your casks are perfect every time. Manufactured in one piece, our casks are guaranteed leakproof and are tested to the same standards as steel. Drop our casks from two metres and they will not dent.

Being up to 50% lighter than steel will mean you will save transport costs whilst increasing payload. Over hundreds of trips, our casks will save significantly on diesel usage. Easily handled when empty, being lighter will also make deliveries easier, and much quieter than when using steel casks. Pubs and hotels in residential areas will appreciate the difference.

The impact resistance of our casks is such that they can be dropped from two metres or more without breaking and, more importantly, without permanent denting, so your casks will suffer no gradual loss in volume, unlike their steel counterparts. Emmerald consider safety to be of highest importance, so rest assured, our casks are fully tested to meet and often exceed current industry standards.

04Develop Your Business
Lower up front costs will mean you can explore routes to markets that are too costly when using steel. Finance packages are available to buy our casks with costs as little as four pence per day, after tax. Free up your cashflow and grow your business. Finance packages are easy to arrange, with monthly or quarterly options, making complete commercial sense. Fixed rentals also available.

05Theft Value
Our casks being made from HDPE means there is no scrap value, whilst still being 100% recyclable. Considering the epidemic proportions of theft within the industry, our casks will save you both time and money. At the end of their life the raw material can either be mechanically recycled or incinerated cleanly for its high energy value. The recycling footprint of our casks is very small.

06Unique Branding
Our plastic casks offer many unique branding opportunities for your brewery. You can choose the colour of your cask, as well as the colour of the rolling rings, top and bottom. Choose colours to match your brand and set yourself apart from the rest. We also offer a digital label printing service and can even laser print your logo directly onto your cask.

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