Cask Laser Printing

Stand still and you go backwards. To stay ahead of the game you need to be constantly striving to improve the products and services you offer to your customers. Over the past few months, Sales Director of Emmerald Polymers (UK) Ltd, Greg Whitehorne, has been exploring branding options for our plastic casks and what’s required is a permanent mark that shows ownership of the container, together with something that represents the branding of the individual brewery. Based on this, Emmerald Polymers (UK) have recently invested in the latest laser technology, giving us the edge on how we can supply casks to our customers.

Brewers spend a lot of time on branding with bottle labels, cans and websites. Emmerald can now extend this by printing your customised branding directly onto our casks. Our new laser creates a permanent mark which can’t be removed, and can be completely customised to your individual requirements. Watch this video and contact us today to find out more.

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